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Let’s talk about shoes. Handmade from the finest leather in Spain, our handmade footwear is made to order and customizable. We build all of our shoes with you in mind - we want your feet to feel amazing so you can move freely through the world.


Handmade in Spain, the ultimate leather shoes. From your keyboard, to our workshop in Spain, to you and finally arriving nicely to your door.

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Handmade shoes in Spain with the finest leather. Handmade shoes are made to last, and they will get better with age. Leather is an organic material and will take on unique character marks over time. Please note that all handcrafted footwear takes a long time to create due to the many steps involved, so please allow up to 30 days for delivery.

Handmade shoes in Spain with the finest leather

Premium grade leather, handcrafted in Spain, made to be sleek and comfortable but also durable. Cordovan leather is rare, and expensive, and its production process is painfully slow. The process to produce Cordovan is painstaking; a single shell is tanned, shaved, smoothed and dyed by hand, and then treated with vegetable oils over the course of several weeks and carefully polished before it leaves the tannery – an intensive and expensive process taking six months or more.

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