The roots of the company Ella Bing were started out of necessity, to heal and to bring our family back together. And while life has a way of kicking you down while you're up and picking you up while you're down. None of us though that on Sept 1, 2010, our lives would be changed forever.

My little brother & only brother, Matthew, took his own life while living in Manhattan. 

Ella Bing is a family owned and operated company started in 2012. Taking the ideas of Matthew who loved having our very talented mother make him his bow ties. Sure, he could have bought his bow ties from anywhere, but he loved the fact that he knew they were special and made with love. 

It was, for this reason, Ella Bing was started, to keep the memory of a lost Son, brother, and Uncle, alive. Ella Bing has proudly teamed with the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, proudly donating 10% of every sale, once a quarter. 

The Kraus family along with Kim Randall and a host of others have started a hugely successful fundraiser called Beer and Bow Ties, in which over the past two years has raised nearly $40,000 for Suicide Prevention and Awareness. 

With our past experiences and our passion for creating quality products, that Matthew would have loved and worn himself we are pleased to serve the Tampa Bay community and make a difference in people's lives. And are passionate about raising awareness about suicide prevention and awareness. 

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