Ella Bing was created in the summer of 2012, in order to help bring our family together, due to the unexpected death of my brother, Matt. You see, my brother had an uncanny ability to light up a room and instantly become the center of attention, in a genuine and natural way. He was a man who was confident in his own personal style, dapper when he needed to be, clutch when expected to be. 

We took talents that each of our family members has possessed for a majority of their lives. Along with a unique obsession of bow ties and style by Matt, we brought Ella Bing to life. Based out of Tampa Bay, FL, we handcraft every single product we produce. No item we sell, is mass produced, all items are made with care and the utmost detail. To provide to you the very best product in a small batch, limited edition format.

In an effort to raise awareness we proudly donate 10% of every sale to the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. We realize that a bow tie might not save a life, but we hope that it can at least help someone in need. 

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