Vacation Guide for Every Season


Vacation Guide for Every Season.

Most jobs only give around two weeks for vacation time per year. This means finding the right time to take that much needed getaway is important when it comes time to planning vacations. Here’s a few helpful tips on what to choose from activities to restaurants, so you aren’t wasting your downtime escape.



This time of year is the perfect time to take a vacation filled with adventure. This means taking advantage of the great weather with outdoor activities. Use the first week for physical activities and the second for relaxing and enjoying your destination.


Our suggestion:

The perfect place to have both an outdoorsy and urban scenery is Vancouver. In the city, you’ll find fashion boutiques and restaurants that have mastered making Canadian cuisine a culinary experience.

The Oakwood Canadian Bistro is a must to check out if you do decide to venture north. This fine bistro doesn’t skimp on portions and gives a classy feel to cuisine that is known for maple syrup and bacon.

Activity wise, outback rafting and hiking are two of the many ways to make the most of your vacation. Mount Cheam, the highest peak in the Fraser Valley, has amazing views where you can even see Mount Baker (yes, this is a volcano) from the peak.



Even though we live in a state where Winter means 70 degrees, not everyone is as fortunate as us to skip the colder weather. For those of you who actually have to deal with waking up even earlier on your work days to shovel out your cars, vacation time means warmer destinations. Pick a place that you can boast about to your coworkers when you’re back in the office after the holidays.


Our suggestion:

What’s better than an exotic getaway to Bali? We couldn’t think of anything better either. The Gianyar Regency in Bali has everything we could hope for when it comes to a destination vacation. Gianyar has so many different options for you to choose from, like night markets, waterfalls and peaceful beaches.

The Gianyar Night Market is considered a hidden gem to tourists that go.   This marketplace is a foodie’s dream. Food carts line up and give you a taste of traditional Balinese food, while smaller vendors display Bali fashion.

For the daytime, lay out on Cucukan beach. This beach is not filled with the tourists Bali is used to, because of its location, which is a huge bonus. Cucukan also has great surf, too.



This time of year is perfect for broadening your horizons and taking in the culture. That can mean something different for everyone. You could explore the opposite coast or travel to a completely different country. If you go the European route, avoid the places you went to while abroad in college, this isn’t about reliving your college bar crawls.


Our suggestion:

Staying local is never a bad thing, especially when it's California – more specifically San Francisco. This Northern California city is very diverse when it comes to culture.

San Francisco even has a Design Week during the summer, which celebrates the innovation of this city. There is a different event for eight days, ranging from furniture designs, to technology designs. If you miss San Francisco Design Week, there is always an array of museums to explore and take in the culture of the city that way.

When it comes to food, check out WesBurger n More, where the inside resembles that old-school diner look that we all secretly love. While the burgers are a bit on the pricier side ($11 for a burger) it makes up for it in taste. Don’t worry, they have a vegetarian burger option, and chicken to accommodate all taste palettes.



While there are endless possibilities for vacation spots, these are just a few suggestions to keep in mind the next time you need to get away. Comment your favorite spot below!

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