10 exceptional ways to be an exquisite party guest


How to be the Ultimate Party Guest

Monday, May 11th, 2015

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Have you ever wondered how some friend just get invited to all the parties, and you are sometimes left out in the cold? No, it is not because nobody likes you, or that you smell funny. Throwing a party can be a bit stressful. The host must address food, entertainment, whether or not their guests are getting along and enjoying themselves, the list goes on. Here is our top 10 list for being an exquisite party guest.

1. It’s called "Re´pondez still vice plait" for a reason

Whether you intend on going to the party or not, the exquisite guest, will always RSVP. The host is kindly requesting your acknowledgement of not only receiving their invitation, but also would like to know if you plan on attending. RSVP’ing is not optional. Not RSVP’ing is quite smug and rude. The host is attempting to get an idea on how to plan their party accordingly. They must select the proper venue, the proper party supplies, and most certainly the correct amount of food and drink. By not RSVP’ing you are leaving your generous host in the dark. What is worse, RSVP’ing to a party, and then not showing at all.

2. Offer to bring something to a dinner party

Show you care, and your parents raised you correctly and help take a bit of the stress away from your host. By offering to bring an adult beverage or two, or perhaps a desert. Doing this will may seem like a simple gesture, but doing so will ensure your invite to the next dinner party.

3. Don’t be a jackass and be late 

Now this rule depends on two things. Each making being late acceptable or totally not. If you are attending a larger party, that is a bit informal, being fashionably late is acceptable. The reverse side of this coin is, if you are attending a small dinner party being even 20 minutes late can have a dramatic effect on the host. Think about it. The host is cooking and stressing on having the food taste great, and whether of not the food is getting cold. If the food is not ready by the time you arrive, all the better, this gives you time to mingle with that lovely lady in the corner.

4. Don’t forget their number

If you are running late, it might be a good idea to let the gracious host know this. Be an exceptional party guest and give them a courtesy call, making them aware of your tardiness. 

5. Bring a gift for the host

This one might be hard for your average guy to swallow. But you are not your average guy are you? Bring a bottle of wine, it doesn’t have to be expensive, ten dollars will do. Or pick up a lovely bouquet of flowers. This trick works exceptionally well for small, intimate dinner parties.

6. Don’t be a hermit

Be prepared to talk. On the way to the party, think of a few things you can talk about, movies you’ve seen, funny stories, interesting news. Remember in conversation, most people do not care to hear about you, they want to hear themselves speak. So be prepared to ask a lot of follow up questions. Another great conversational tip, try standing shoulder to shoulder with the person you are speaking with. Doing so will make the conversation seem a lot less formal and intimidating and seem more friendly. Another note, topics such as religion and politics are best left at home. 

7. Eat and drink responsibly

At a proper dinner party, rule number one is, do not get drunk. Rule number two is do not kill the hot d’oeuvres platter if there is one. Rule number three, no double dipping Georgey-Boy.

8. Compliment the host

This one should be quite obvious, but you would be surprised. Even if it’s not true, tell the host how great the food was and or how exceptional the party was. Do this twice, once about mid-way through the party and again as you are saying your good-byes.

9. Don’t be that guy

This one can be tough, but you will know it when it’s time to head home. Read the hosts body language for starters, if they start to get antsy or start looking at their watch, its time to pack it in. And like all good things, they must come to an end. Conversation will hit a low point and things will start winding down. Your exit phrase, “Well, we’ve had a wonderful time tonight.” This will be the beginning of the end.

10. Write a thank-you note

This is a sure fire way to be invited to the next party and build instant rapport with the host. Within a few days of the party, always send a not thanking the host.

So that is our list on being an exquisite party guest. Did we miss anything, if so let us know in the comments below. 

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