Traditional Wet Shaving


         Traditional wet shaving has become a lost art form in a world of multi-blade razors and blue or green goop. I get it, using a safety razor requires some skill, and why wouldn’t a man just use an easy disposable razor to get a clean shave? However, wet shaving is actually better than how you might shave today for a few reasons. Benefits to the classic wet shave include reduced environmental impart, better, consistent shaves, and…who isn't impressed by a man who can wet shave?

            Shaving with a double-edged safety razor produces less waste than shaving with a cartridge razor. Also, a double-edged blade can easily be recycled. Also, traditional shave creams and soaps are sold in tubes and bowls that produce less waste than aerosol canisters that gels come in.

            Furthermore, shaving with a single blade helps eliminate skin irritation, whereas using multiple blades per razor can lead to razor burns, ingrown hairs and redness. You can walk around thinking you shaved well, but did you really shave well?

            Now that you know the reasons why you should switching to traditional wet shaving, here’s what you’ll need to get the job done. 



            Natural Oil Natural oils don’t clog pores, won’t damage your skin and are far less greasy than mineral oils. I recommend coconut oil because coconut oils is life (but that’s something we’ll discuss another time).

            Safety razor Just holding a safety razor will increase your manliness. How could it not? You’re holding a piece of heavy, tough metal to your face, instead of plastic. 

            Blades There are various types of blades you can choose from. Each blade has a particular sharpness and cutting ability. Different blades will give you different outcomes, so experiment with different kinds until you find the ones you like.

            Shaving Brush Shaving brushes help moisten the shaving cream to help form a thick, rich shaving lather. Using a brush helps lather each and every whisker on your face, which results in a better, smoother shave. Also, I hear it feels really nice.

            Shaving brushes are made of two types of hair: boar hair and badger hair. Boar bristle brushes are stronger, thicker, and cheaper than badger-hair brushes; however, they’re not as flexible or as soft on the face.  

            Soaps and Creams Traditional shave creams and soaps are full of natural ingredients that are face-friendly and have a nice, manly scent. Creams differ from soaps because creams soften whisker and moisturize and lubricate the skin. Also, creams rinse easily from blades. Shaving soap, on the other had, is the classic. It gets the job done, but it might dry out your skin because it is soap. Nonetheless, both soaps and creams are great because just a dab can create copious amounts of lather.

            Well there you have it - A checklist for what you need for traditional wet shaving. Have you ever tried wet shaving? Let us know about your experience below.

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