What to Wear - White After Labor Day


         Earlier we talked about how to wear white after Labor Day and what white essentials you need in your wardrobe this fall. Next, we’re going to give you some recommendations on how to incorporate white into outfits to wear to a couple of events. 

Coffee Shop

            So, Labor Day weekend has come and gone, and now it’s officially Pumpkin Spice Season. You tell yourself you won’t, but you finally cave into going to that coffee shop down the street and plan on ordering yourself a fancy-sounding warm latte. Before you leave your place you think, “What if I meet the love of my life at this coffee shop? That always happens in the movies. What to wear? What to wear?”

            We suggest:



Back to Work

            You did end up meeting the love of your life at that coffee shop down the street. But the person left before you could say anything. It’s Monday morning and you need a little motivation to get yourself out of bed and go to work. You know that if you look good you’ll feel good, so you ask yourself, “What to wear? What to wear?”

              We suggest: 




            Your phone’s calendar app alerts you that Oktoberfest is just around the corner. You text your friends and plan out the specifics with them. The day finally comes and you stand in front of your wardrobe and think, “What to wear?”

            We suggest: 



Date Night

            You ended up seeing Mystery Person at Oktoberfest. You were so excited to know that they appreciated beer just as much as you do. Mystery Person agreed to go on a date with you. You’re thinking of getting dinner in Hyde Park Village then going on a nice evening stroll together. What are you wearing?

              We suggest:



Rest & Relaxation

            Mystery person is now your significant other and formal dates have now turned into movies and pizza in bed. The sad part is that your favorite pizza place doesn’t deliver, so you have to pick it up. It won’t take too long, and you don’t want to change. What do you wear?

            We suggest: 



What do you think of our What to Wear suggestions? Let us know in the comments below and what your ideas are, too. 




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