Weddings 101: How to Invite Your Groomsmen


Groomsmen must rent suits or tuxedos, attend wedding events, prepare a speech, and work well with the rest of the wedding party. Asking your friends cleverly will immediately communicate your gratitude. Choose the best way to question your groomsmen based on their characteristics.

Today, we gathered some useful advice to help you invite your friends to become the groomsmen at your wedding. Read on to learn more.

Choose Wisely

Before deciding how to ask your groomsmen, think about who you'll ask. You may be happy with a new acquaintance, but choosing groomsmen with long-standing relationships is preferable. Your growing relationship may take several unexpected turns between wedding planning and the big day.

At the same time, it is not necessary to invite a guest from another wedding to yours. Weddings are unique. You may have a large family that covers all of the groomsmen's roles, or you could have a tiny wedding party. Be content with your choices before, during, and after the wedding. Those images are timeless.

Use Your Calendar 

Groomsmen are unimportant if you have a long engagement. You should not withdraw your offer because friendships might evolve. Ask everyone 8 to 12 months in advance.

Ignore Gender Roles

Remember, the best man can be a woman. Solicit the services of your sister, favorite female cousin, or best female friend to act as "best woman" or "groomslady." After all, you are free to choose your closest friends regardless of gender.

Stop Overthinking

Don't overthink it, but don't be too casual either. Instead of sending an email or text message, call or visit them. Perhaps you can even inject some humor and send a personal invitation that includes an “inside” joke that only the two of you understand. This way, the invitation is even more special.

Others prefer to say it with a full-sized bottle of a memorable alcoholic beverage and a funny or heartfelt letter. There are also personalized labels and engravings available, floral arrangements, and more. 

In the end, you don’t have to formalize everything. A real friend (and groomsman) will simply be happy and honored that they are part of your wedding entourage!

Craft a Groomsman Care Package

Give your boys a wedding day beginning package that includes socks, cufflinks, a tie bar, and a shaving kit, among others. These gift boxes also may not include any wedding-specific goods. You can even use a customized tin or wooden box with the recipient's favorite drink, cigar, and personalized lighter. 

Go on an All-Boys Endeavor

Now that you have invited your entire wedding party, why not get together for an all-boys getaway? This ensures that all groomsmen can be acquainted with one another–they can even strike lasting friendships!


Make it fun, pretty, cool, or casual–these tips are fail-safe! Inviting your groomsmen can be special in any way you want it to be! The only best trick to pull off is to make sure you have your best confidants by your side on the most important day of your life.

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