Tips for Selecting a Good Cigar


In one moment of time, Tampa was the Cigar Capital of the World. So it makes scenes, here at Ella Bing, that we care about the cigars that we smoke. Here are a few of our best tips in selecting a good cigar. 

  • Consider the strength of the tobacco. Its safe to say the best tobacco plants are grown in the Caribbean. 
  • Consider the filler.  Choose a cigar with long, bundled leaves so that the filler doesn't break apart in your mouth.
  • Consider the wrapper.  It should be oily and smooth. Avoid a cigar with extreme color variations or cracks in the wrapper.
  • Consider the texture. Gently pinch the cigar in several spots along its length. Avoid a cigar with lumps or soft spots. 
  • Consider the length and thickness. This is strictly a personal preference, but obviously larger cigars will require more time to smoke. 

source: Stuff Every Man Should Know by Brett Cohen - pg 46. 

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