The Importance of the Pocket Square


Pocket Square by Ella Bing

A Casually furled pocket square slanted ever so slightly outward drawing attention to the chest and upper body.

Hey future boy...let's travel back in the DeLorean to the roaring 20's and 30's. You'd be hard pressed to find a generation of more dapper men than this. Men like the Duke of Windsor, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, & Bing Crosby, all dressed to the nines.  All dashing men of this time wore the simple and classic pocket square. Fast forward a few decades, most consider the last American politician to be considered stylish, to be President John F. Kennedy, who never left the White House without a pocket square. To be considered elegant and dapper, the pocket square must have a strong presence in your attire and have an intimate relationship with your blazer, or dress jacket. 

Let's keep things simple and talk proportion, one way to ensure a natural effect is to angle the pocket square out-ward toward the shoulder, with its points irregularly arranged. When worn well, this eye cue of sartorial refinement can add more than just polish. By echoing the slant of the jacket's lapel, it reinforces the breadth of the wearer's chest and upper body. 

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