Ella Bing Releases Five New, Handcrafted Wood Bow Ties


Here at Ella Bing we get super pumped when we release new products and today is one of those days! Today we release 5 limited quantity wooden bow ties so without further adieu - 


The Julian Mozart Wooden Bow Tie

handcrafted wooden bow tie


Made of the rare wood, Brazilwood or more commonly known to high-end violin bow producer as Pernambuco. This wood is so rare that wood-database.com listed this wood as having no known sustainable sources at the time of the writing in 2012. The second wood is that of Black Ebony. It is a jet black wood with little grain visibility. It is typically reserved for piano keys, or other high-end instruments.

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The Max Dupree Wooden Bow Tie


Made of sandalwood, a light sandy colored wood, give this handmade wooden bow tie more of a  beachy feel.

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The Marcelo Watkins Wooden Bow Tie

wooden tie

Cut from Brazilian Rosewood, which is a high end exotic wood. Its design is extremely ambitious with waves and curves. It is paired with a navy blue polka dot knot.

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The Macho Sanchez Wooden Bow Tie

Made from a handsome collection of exotic woods. A deep, rich Walnut, paired with a blonde Spalted Tamarind, for excellent contrast. This wooden bow tie is paired with a plethora of bright spring colors for the knot and neck piece.

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The Deacon Moss Wooden Bow Tie

wood bow tie

Comprised of two woods. The first being the always popular Bloodwood, prized for its reddish-hues. The second wood being that of Wenge, providing a dark and rich backdrop. It is paired with a black gingham seersucker knot.

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As always, each and every premium, handcrafted wooden bow tie is completely unique and NOT mass produced. Limited quantities are available along with a wide variety of cloth bow ties, wooden tie clips, lapel flowers, pocket squares, women’s headbands, and many more wood bow ties.

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