Jenga, Drinks and Ybor City


Jenga | Bow Ties | Ybor City

After a long day of shooting, we decided to stop off at one of our favorite watering holes, James Joyce Pub, to enjoy a cold adult beverage and a friendly game of giant Jenga. What every preppy guy needs after a long day of roaming the mean streets of Tampa Bay looking for that perfect shot, of bow ties, sunshine, and cigars. 

What is giant Jenga you ask? Do you really need to ask? You remember that fun block game from when you were kids, think of that, with giant man sized blocks. A classic bar game in the South, even Florida.

Ruben, Griff and I squared off for a gentleman’s dual, beer in one hand, giant blocks and geometrical intuition in the other. The game was on! Each man made his move, more cunning and devious than the last. Cut-throat you could say. As the heavy dark beer set in, combined with the heat of a February afternoon in Florida, the stress mounted. Each of our moves became more and more difficult, setting one another up for failure. Alas, the epic southern gentleman’s game had to come to an end, tumbling down our tower of goodness, but to standing ovations from the awesome patrons at the bar. A nice little side stop, to our awesome day of bow tie wearing, southern prepping goodness.  


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