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2013 Summer | Bow Ties | Ella Bing 

Let's be honest, us men can never have enough bow ties, they are addictive, the more we have the happier we are. At Ella Bing we hand make all of our bow ties, whether its a cloth or a Woody, they are all made with love, by us. Whether you are a preppy, fratty, college guy, or the hipster type we are certain to have the right bow tie for you. But how do you decide which fabric is best for you? It is an important topic to consider. To pick the correct bow tie, it must compliment the rest of your attire and be specific for the occasion. Let's dig a bit deeper on each of the fabrics available to help you make this decision a bit easier for you. 

Cotton Bow Ties

Since we are currently in spring/summer let's begin with Cotton. Because cotton is lightweight, it is perfect for this time of year. It is often considered to be casual and relaxed, which makes a Cotton bow tie versatile and an excellent choice for outdoor events. We find Cotton bow ties perfect for those warm Tampa Bay summer evenings. Cotton bow ties are the go to accessory for that southern preppy gentlemen. We can find cotton in various patterns as well, seersucker, madras, gingham, all summer time favorites.The Captain Dan Cotton Bow Ties

Silk Bow Ties

Now let's move forward to the classically formal bow tie of choice, silk. Let's be honest we all enjoy the smooth, soft feeling of silk running through our hands. Silks have the benefit of providing a plethora of vibrant and rich colors. But one negative to the silk bow tie is it can be more difficult to clean if you get a stain on your bow tie. Thus making the silk bow tie perfect for formal events instead of day to day use. 

Silk reversible bow tie by Ella Bing

Wool Bow Ties

Now we are moving into 'Old Man Winters' favorite bow ties, Wool. Perfect for those cold winter days, that we rarely see in Florida. Wool can be worn both formally and casually as it acts as a small beard around your neck, keeping you warm from the blunderously cold weather. 

Wood Bow Ties

On to our personal favorite, Wood, yes, Wood. What other material is better when you truly want to stand out in a crowd of people. Perfect for casual or formal encounters depending on the wood type. An Ella Bing wood bow tie can help you gain considerable attention any where you go. Wearing a wood bow tie is as much as a statement as it is displaying a piece of artwork. We use a varying collection of exotics to domestics. We use local wood such as Florida Cypress, and exotics such as Zebra Wood from Africa. Anyway you look at it, an Ella Bing Wood Bow Tie is the ultimate way to get noticed!

Ella Bing Wood Bow Tie

Now that you have the information to pick the correct bow tie for any situation, move forward and enjoy your class!

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