Breaking down 100 ways to be a better man in 2019 No.1-10


Late last year, we wrote a blog post on how on 100 ways to be a better man in 2019. Now that we are a few months into the new year. We thought it might be important to hash out these 100 points. In our breaking down series, we will take a deeper look into what actually goes into being a better man in 2019.

1. Ignore the boos. They usually come from the cheap seats.

When you are in your 20's it's easy to get caught up in who likes you and who does not. Or the "trying to please everyone phase". Do this. It's a part of your personal growth. Sometimes you cannot figure out life without the bumps and bruises. You are going to need to know how to weed out the venom in your life. You're 20's are the perfect time to do so. By the time you enter your 30's, you should understand that pleasing everyone is impossible. People will talk. Typically out of jealousy. Ignore the haters, or use the haters to fuel your progression. In time you will learn opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

2. Never tell someone you hate your job. If you’re still working there in six months, they’ll know you are a loser.

The older you get, the more actionable skills you should be obtaining. The larger network of friends, peers, and contemporaries will start surrounding yourself with. With all that said. If you really do hate your job, only you can change your situation. Based on the relationships of people you have acquired over your lifetime, use them. Always aim to put yourself in the best position possible. Professionally and personally.

3. Never cancel dinner plans with a woman by text message.

Just don't do it.

4. Know at least one good joke.

Knowing one good joke is always a great idea. Better yet, learn how to be a better storyteller. In doing so you will captivate your audience while gaining the respect of your peers.

5. You don’t have to keep every secret, just the important ones.

For better or for worse, gossip is a part of our society. Over a lifetime, we will be inundated with "secrets" don't feel bad about not keeping all of them. Most of them will not be worth keeping. Only keep the ones that matter to you.

6. You can either make people happy when you walk into a room, or when you walk out of one. It’s up to you.

What brand have you built for yourself? How loyal is your network of friends? What are people saying about you when you are not around? Be kind and giving to others, the rest should take care of itself.

7. Never ask the same question twice.

They say, wise men, speak less and listen more. Try to listen and make an actual connection with people. Too many times, people are only interested in speaking about themselves and care very little about the person they have engaged in conversation with. Try to engage the people you are having a conversation with. Be genuine.

8. Never stop dating your wife. Keep doing what you did to get her in the first place.

A lot of the times, this is easier said than done. Life gets in the way. Sometimes stopping to smell the roses, is well worth the time. Remember how you got where you are. Setting time aside at least once a month for a date with your significant other will always be a wonderful idea.

9. Don’t let your job define you as a person

In my first career, I was in Information Technology. A job that required many many hours of work at all sorts of odd hours during a 24hr period. Getting calls at 3 am, was not out of the normal. It was hard to define a work/life balance. To many of my peers took working 24hrs straight, as a badge of honor. There was peer pressure to do the same. Learning to have a clean work/life balance will do wonders for your health and stress levels. Giving you more time to be around what matters most, the ones you love.

10. Stop talking about where you went to college.

College can offer a lifetime of memories and connections, far exceeding the academic aspect of the four-six years you will spend in college. While you are in your 20s, you need that degree to open doors for you as you probably lack real-world experience. By the time you enter your early to mid-30s, your college and your degree become less important. You've already built a strong network of confidants and your experience will start carrying you to your prime. Truth be told, nobody cares where you went to college accept those who peaked in college.

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