How Many Ties Should a Man Need to Own and Wear?


Every man should have a few ties in his wardrobe. Whether you're dressing for a formal occasion or want to add a little polish to your look, a tie is a great way to make a statement. But how many dress ties bulk does a man need?

The answer depends on various factors, and you should have at least three ties in your wardrobe. This will give you enough variety to match a tie to different occasions and outfits.

If you're on a budget, investing in classic, timeless ties is best. 

These will always stay in style and can be worn for many years. If you're looking for something more fashion-forward, you can opt for bright colors or bold patterns.

Because some ties don't go with particular top styles, you must ensure you have a range of ties in your closet. But because you presumably will only use some of what you buy, buying too much stuff is also a terrible idea. Similar to this, not enough hurts both you and your tie.

Consequently, how many times should a man own? We'll give you the information you require to guarantee that your ties are consistently excellent for workdays, meetings, events, and more.

How Many Ties Does a Man Need to Wear?

It takes time to determine the ideal number of ties to own. Instead, some factors will have an impact on the count. Some of these variables are your line of work and how frequently you require ties each week.

What Professionals Say

Stylists, manufacturers, and seasoned tie wearers advise dividing the number of days you wear a tie by two to establish the bare minimum amount you should own. This is especially true if you have to work outside or in a field as part of your employment.

For instance, if you wear a tie daily at work and work five days a week, you will require at least ten ties. 

Thanks to this knot, you won't need to redo it in two weeks. Each of your ties will have enough time to unwind between uses, and you'll look fantastic every day of the week.

Remember to tie your tie up for several hours each day because you should wear it for six to eight hours. Untie it and hang it after your shift to let the delicate fabric and lining recuperate.

Your ties, whether pre-tied or self-tied, will also allow enough ventilation to eliminate any stink that may still be there if you don't use them regularly during the week or daily. 

You can also wash or dry clean your tie immediately if it gets soiled or is exposed to substances that, if left neglected, could result in permanent stains or damage.

What Are the Ties You Need?

You must have the proper ties and know how many you need. No matter how many you have, if even one clashes with your outfit, it won't matter. These are the top three ties you should have in your collection:


These ties feature illustrations of dogs, other animals, and well-known places. They favor adding color to what would otherwise be considered drab professional attire. 

They are also perfect if you wish to wear solid-colored tops and bottoms. Make sure the graphics you choose are suitable for an office setting.

There are references to cartoons and other stupid images, which we strongly advise avoiding. They may be suitable for some professions. For example, diverting and amusing young children while treating them if you are a pediatrician can be useful.


Neckties with patterns differ from those with graphics because they are not images. The patterns could also resemble a form, depending on where they are positioned on the tie. Sometimes, they are just randomly or evenly distributed. 

Common tie patterns include stripes, checks, dots, plaids, tiny stars, squares, and other geometric designs.

Bow Tie

You should have at least two of each style and one or more bow ties. If you receive an invitation of this type to a black-tie event, be sure you have something to wear.

Of course, you don't have to wear black; you can wear any solid color as long as it matches your outfit. However, if the bow ties have a less formal color or design, you may still wear them to work.

Identical Tones

Even though they have a simple appearance, these ties are the easiest to match with your shirt or suit, mainly if you're still acclimating to the tie-pairing rules. 

Pick colors that, ideally, complement the tone of your skin. Wear navy blue, black, or gray ties to be safe since they are the most versatile.


The number of ties a man should own depends on the individual's lifestyle and taste. If you are more fashion-forward and like to keep up with trends, you should have at least five ties to ensure you have a variety of colors and patterns to select from. 

If you wear a suit more often, you should have at least seven ties to ensure you have a tie for every occasion. If you work in a professional environment and must dress formally often, you should have at least ten ties to ensure you have a range of options for every occasion. 

Ultimately, the number of ties bulk order a man should own is up to the individual and their unique style.

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