Eight New Handmade Ella Bing Wooden Bow Ties



Ahem.... Ella Bing is excited to announce the release of 8 new handmade wooden bow ties today. 


The Jim Dandy Wooden Bow Tie is made with Luscious dark walnut wood, making this handmade wooden bow tie an extreme favorite with bow tie connoisseurs. It is paired with a bodaciously, manly pink and purple floral knot.


wooden bow tie


The Javier Lopez Wood Bow Tie is made of Dragon Eye wood. It is a simple bow tie paired with a blue and white checked knot.


the dapper gentleman


The John Magnum Wood Bow Tie is made of Bubinga wood, a reddish, pinkish explosion of color make this handcrafted wooden bow tie a man's best friend. It is paired with a dark navy floral knot.


male fashion accessories

The Willy Martin Wooden Bow Tie is made from Bubinga wood and sports a unique red and pink hue. Making it ideal for any many trying to attract the ladies. It is paired with a blue, pink and white checkered knot.


male fashion style

The Mac Dillon Wooden Bow Tie is made from beautiful Canarywood, known for its zebra like striping of golds, yellows and reds. The wood on this bow tie speaks for itself. It is paired with a purple and green knot.


wooden tie

The Tommy Vercetti Wood Bow Tie is a very special cut. It has a naturally two-tone appearance, a malt ball, chalky brown, fading into a deep, rich, dark brown. It has a natural crevice in the bottom right of the bow. It is paired with a dark blue and red checkered silk knot and neck piece.


handmade bow tie

The Charlie Woodward Wooden Bow Tie has favorable curvy lines, will make you a hit at your next outing or event. It is paired with a teal knot and neck piece.


bow tie

The William Blackman Wood Bow Tie is made from Canarywood. Awesome red, yellow and gold grain make this handmade wooden bow tie a true go-getter. It is paired with a royal blue knot and neck piece.


wood bow tie

Each and every premium, handcrafted wooden bow tie is completely unique and  NOT mass produced. Limited quantities available at EllaBing.com along with a wide variety of cloth bow ties, wooden tie clips, lapel flowers, pocket squares, women’s headbands, and many more wood bow ties.

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Ella Bing Reviews

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973 reviews
Head turner!

This is my 2nd Ella Bing wooden tie and it again has surpassed my expectations. The gift set to include cuff links was an incredible value to boot. Every time I wear this collection, I have friends, colleagues, and students simply marvel and the beautiful, intricate, and classy design of these bow ties. These are a MUST have for the well-heeled gentlemen.

Floral Necktie No. 337
Steven Haversack
Great Service For A Great Tie

The service from Ella Bing was so great! Not only was the tie fantastic it came packaged in a cigar box. His cool is that?

Classic and unique

Very classic looking glasses with a modern edge and touch. The bands are different and with the wood and silver it makes them very versatile. I have worn them with a suit, shirt and jeans and to the pool. Works in all environments.


Clark was knowledgeable of the items in the store. A lot of the items are locally made , and the music was off the hook , the hats were beautiful . Nice atmosphere.

Please read email response

Did not seem to read my email response which canceled my original order and placed a different order.