Attire for Every Occasion: Bow Ties not Required


Men are faced with the daunting task of having to know when it is appropriate to wear what. Not to worry Ella Bing has you covered, ensuring to keep you dapper and handsome. 

White Tie Event: Black or midnight blue tailcoat with silk facings and a white shirt, white waistcoat along with a white bow tie. Black silk socks with black court shoes. 

Black Tie Event: Tuxedo, black waistcoat, black bow tie, although a black necktie had gained popularity for several years. The dapper and classic approach is still the bow tie. Black silk socks with black shoes.

Black-Tie Optional: Tuxedo or formal suit. In our honest opinion, take every chance you can to look your best and look better than every other guy, opt for the Tux. But if you are hesitant, ensure your suit is either black or navy blue. Wear with a white shirt, and a darker necktie or bow tie. The same rules apply to your socks and shoes. 

Semiformal: Formal suit or sports jacket with a tie and trousers, think wedding. 

Business: Sports jacket with a tie and trousers, spice it up with a bow tie and pocket square.

Business Casual: Trousers and a dress shirt. This can be a bland and over-done look, spice it up a bit with either a blazer or a sweet set of suspenders.

Casual: Jeans or Chino's with a casual Oxford will usually do.

There you go, you are all set, now go out there and look your best!

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