The Art of a Fine Men's Dress Shirt


Countdown our list of the hallmarks of one hell of a fine men's dress shirt. 

  1. Of course the shirt should be 100% cotton, it's soft to the skin, like dancing on a bunch of angels asses. And not uncomfortable like the stiff and itchy polyester.
  2. Crappy plastic buttons are so last week, opt for higher quality and more luxurious Mother-of-Pearl buttons
  3. Rolls around your waist line, not a good thing, but rolls in your collar is a sure-fire way to pinpoint a quality dress shirt.
  4. The collar should also have enough machismo to stand tall without a bow tie or necktie. Most suitable when worn with a blazer or suit jacket.
  5. Collar stays are your friend, brass would be preferable as they will provide shape and prevent a floppy collar. And for heavens sake, they are removable for a reason, take them out before laundering. 
  6. On a patterned or striped shirt, the fabric is cut on the bias (diagonal) so the stripes or pattern align perfecto at the seams. 
  7. Reinforcement is the key, ensure your fine dress shirt has side seam gussets (The triangular pieces of fabric sewn into the bottom of the side seam). Gussets will add functionality, durability and a bit of manière to your appearance. 
  8. Smaller, higher-cut armholes look neater and isolate arm movement to prevent the shirt body from being pulled out into a Charlie foxtrotted mess. 

Do you agree with our list? Did we leave something out? Let us know in the comments below. 


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