5 Simple Steps to Mixing Plaid


The thought of pairing plaids can be a bit daunting to most men. Taking the time to master the art of mixing plaids can take your personal style to a whole other level. We have created five easy tips to pairing plaids.


Keeping it Subtle is Key


Most men think of plaids as big bold colors, which leads us to only wanting to wear one plaid at a time. But the key here is to keep your color pallet simple, as choosing plaids with a subtle pattern makes coordinating much easier.


One of our most helpful tips, is to stay with a common color. Choose plaids that are in the same color family, for example, stay with shades of blue or shades of red. But, caution awaits you, be careful not to be too matchy-matchy, making you look a bit too predictable and forced.


You will have enough going on with your coordination of your plaids, so you are going to want to anchor your entire outfit with a neutral. Ensure wearing one piece in a solid color, and keeping that color in the same color family as your plaids.


Mixing Plaids


Remember, when pairing plaids, go for plaids of different sizes. If you dominant piece is a large patterned plaid, your secondary and tertiary pieces should be of smaller varying sizes.


To take your look to another level, try pairing with horizontal and diagonal patterns. Coordinating plaids of different placements can draw the eye in different directions, giving you the appearance of not even mixing at all.

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