The Jack Garvey Bow Tie Review


What can we say about this lovely little bow tie? Well we can start with the obvious, it's appeal. It's base is just a pinch of snowflake white. The base is paired very nicely with a navy-esque deep blue stripe, now catch this if you can. A bold copper-like stripe pairs on each side, of the lovely deep blue stripe. This combination gives this bow tie a bold presence, hence its name, The Jack Garvey. A man who needs very little introduction in these parts, a true man, myth and legend, some would say the most interesting man in Tampa Bay! Known for speaking his mind, but also having a sweet as honey softer side. You can sport this bow tie when you are feeling a little chippy and boastful, because its own confidence will carry you to the promise land.

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[caption id="attachment_43" align="aligncenter" width="490"]The Jack Garvey The Jack Garvey[/caption]

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