Introducing the Remix Collection


Here at Ella Bing, we are always trying to stay one step ahead of the competition. Because of our dedication to make chic, swank and just plain awesome bow ties, we would like to be the first to introduce to you our newest line, The Remix Collection.

The Remix Collection allows us to offer up 100% unique, reversible, vintage bow ties. Our first step is to find repurposed neckties, that are 100% woven silk and in prime, top notch condition. We then begin pairing, a fun and important task.
Depending on the designs, and textiles we find, we may choose two neck ties that just seem as if they were meant to have a second chance at fashion as a bow tie. Or, our rebellious side gets the best of us, and we pick two ties that your grandmother would certainly qawk at in disapproval. Either way we are creating dynamic reversible bow ties that are certain to catch anyone's attention.
The next step and the most time consuming is the disassembling process.
Our Chief Bow Tie Engineer (a tid-bit of embellishment) methodically takes apart each necktie, ensuring the integrity of each tie meets the high standards of Ella Bing. The final process is to reassemble the two neckties, and to create one epically sweet bow tie. The rebirthing process is complete, and we are left with one dynamic, unique, high quality bow tie. So take a moment and take a look at this new and exciting collection.

[caption id="attachment_39" align="aligncenter" width="490"]The Remix - The Divot Smasher Smash some divots with this rocking bow tie![/caption]

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