Quick Guide: Sock pairing 101

We understand wearing an exuberant amount of color and patterns in your socks is all the rage these days. But to get to that point you first must understand the basics. 
The first lesson is to always match your socks to your pants and not to your shoes. Think about it, you've already matched your pants to your shoes, so matching your socks with the pants, just makes better sense. Congrats, you have graduated from the basics of sock matching, now its time to show a bit of personality and pizzazz. 
But let's not throw a Hail Marry in the first quarter of the big game, let's pace ourselves here. First lets start by seeking socks with subtle patterns or multiple colors and match them with other elements in your outfit. For example you are wearing a grey suit, dapper indeed. And let's say you ditch the norm of black shoes, and go for an awesome pair of browns. You're bow tie is yellow, which will look fantastic with your grey suit. You'd want to go with a navy blue sock, perhaps with a splash of yellow geometric shapes. It's that simple. Perhaps with tweed jacket, you go with sporting earth-tone colors or pick up one of the colors in your tweed jacket, and incorporate that color into your socks. 
Congrats, you've finally made it to the big game, its time for the Super Bowl of sock wearing. For this there are no rules in your sock pairing. Use your socks to set your boldness past any man in the room. Go for vibrant striped, colorful socks. Maybe you are feeling polka dots, perhaps you are even feeling like Super-Man one fine morning, you can don those socks as well. Once you have mastered the basics, there truly are no rules, these days. 
No go forth and rock on. 

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