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No one ever said that women couldn’t be style inspirations for men. Menswear and men’s fashion icons inspire many women on how they dress. However, men shouldn’t be ashamed to admit that women could influence their personal style. Men can learn and adopt some tips that are often scene in women’s fashion. Therefore we will be looking at Jenna Lyons, who is the executive creative director and president of J. Crew. She is known as the creative force that transformed J. Crew into a cult brand recognized globally and her masculine style.


Her personal style is the definition of tomboy chic and her signature thick black-framed glasses. Having a signature piece that you often wear religiously is a great way to build up your personal style. You don’t have to wear it everyday but wear it just enough that people know it’s become a part of who you are. Her personal style is heavily influenced by menswear. Find a style inspiration and run with it. Don’t be afraid to dive into look that you really like. However it should feel natural to you and not knocking off someone completely.


Creating a personal style uniform is something that Jenna has mastered. Blazer/Coat, blouse, pants, and heels are her style staples. Wearing a uniform doesn’t have to be boring. She found an outfit formula that works for her and she can easily play around with. Having a uniform doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to look like a school uniform, it means having key staple pieces that you love to wear. If your favorite pattern is stripes, collect them in varying colors, proportions, positions, styles, pieces of clothing, etc. As for Jenna, she has a massive collection of blazers and coats.


Jenna also believes in mixing high and low, formal and causal, textures, prints, trends, and menswear. Her style is something we should all be envious of because every picture I have scene of her is just perfection. She can be scene wearing denim, feathered skirts, scarves, and slouchy pants worn with something that is completely the opposite! You can get some ideas from her photos of how to mix pieces together. For example, a pullover sweater with a button down and dress slacks. Be daring and just try things on. One advice she lives by is that you shouldn’t overthink what you are wearing. Don’t spend too much time getting dressed, let be it whimsical. Make it look effortless.


Jenna Lyons hands down a woman that should be admired by both genders as a style icon. See blurs the line of wearing masculine pieces in a feminine way. Women have always been muses for men, so why can’t they inspire the way you dress too. Jenna’s style is quirky, unique, and strongly influenced by men’s fashion. Printed pants, bold accessories, romantic tops, textured jackets and outerwear, and a killer shoe collection are some ideas that you can use from Jenna’s Lyons’ personal style.

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