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Here at Ella Bing we carry more than a few bow tie designs and styles. But, most people are unaware of these different designs, let alone aware of when it is most appropriate to wear them. Let’s be honest there is a large difference between a bow tie wearer and a non-bow tie wearer. Most, when having to wear a piece of material around their neck go straight for the common necktie, they are easy and safe. We all know how to tie a necktie, although at Ella Bing we believe every gentleman should know how to tie a bow tie. Also you will not have to worry about answering questions about your choice of neck wear, or even have people looking at you all the time.

Of course, on the other hand, you could be rocking a bow tie, looking damn near devinare and frank. With a bow tie you become a man who is extremely charming, a true non-conformist gentleman of style.

Now who are the typical people we see wearing bow ties, professionals who do not typically wear a necktie. Magicians, yeah sorry to say but they are typically associated with bow ties. But let’s not celebrate that fact. Let’s climb up the food chain; we have doctors, and politicians, hipsters too. But now bow ties have become sociably acceptable for all. Alas, there are rules that must be followed and observed, specifically for formal events, and occasions and wearing your bow tie professionally.

Let’s start with the obvious times a bow tie is appropriate. Weddings, well duh, proms, um yeah, and any event with the words ‘white’ or ‘black’ tie is synonymous with a bow tie. Does it matter which design you choose for these events, really no, truth be told, it won’t make that large of a difference. Obviously you will want to choose a bow tie that fits correctly, proportion to you neck thickness and shoulders. I like my bow ties to fit just inside the width of my neck. If you tie the bow tie incorrectly, too large and you can look like a clown, to small make you’ll look like a meat head.

Like we first mentioned, at Ella Bing we carry a variety of cuts and designs. First let’s start with the more traditional designs. Our Butterfly design, which is curved and is cut to a standard 2.5”, when tied properly it looks very much like a butterfly. Another cut we offer is the Batwing, it’s our narrow cut, 1.5” to be exact. This bow tie can be worn casually as its slim cut gives you a much more laid back look. Also, if you have a thinner neck you might want to stick with the thinner batwing cut, as the larger butterfly might not fit your neck very well. Thirdly, we recently started to offer our new Diamond cut bow tie. Much like the butterfly, except for the bow having points and when tied correctly gives you one point on the front side and another point on the back side. Giving you a look that builds depth, this bow tie can be worn casually or formally. Lastly, we now offer a bow tie made completely from wood. Yes that’s right, wood. This bow tie is meant for the gentleman that is going for a very casual look, and quite simply wants to stand out even more, when a normal bow tie just won’t do. We have wood from all over the world, so expect great things from this line of bow ties.

Of course the biggest excuse we hear on why men do not wear bow ties is…drum roll please…They do not know how to tie one! Wrong answer and not to worry, Ella Bing has you covered there too. Check the link to learn all about tying your very first bow tie.

Be sure to check out even more details on bow ties and visit Ella Bing where you are sure to find more great information and awesome deals on bow ties.

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Head turner!

This is my 2nd Ella Bing wooden tie and it again has surpassed my expectations. The gift set to include cuff links was an incredible value to boot. Every time I wear this collection, I have friends, colleagues, and students simply marvel and the beautiful, intricate, and classy design of these bow ties. These are a MUST have for the well-heeled gentlemen.

Floral Necktie No. 337
Steven Haversack
Great Service For A Great Tie

The service from Ella Bing was so great! Not only was the tie fantastic it came packaged in a cigar box. His cool is that?

Classic and unique

Very classic looking glasses with a modern edge and touch. The bands are different and with the wood and silver it makes them very versatile. I have worn them with a suit, shirt and jeans and to the pool. Works in all environments.


Clark was knowledgeable of the items in the store. A lot of the items are locally made , and the music was off the hook , the hats were beautiful . Nice atmosphere.

Please read email response

Did not seem to read my email response which canceled my original order and placed a different order.